7th Grade Trip to D-Day Memorial

On March 22nd, the seventh grade Academically Gifted classes took a trip to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. Once they arrived, they began with an interesting tent activity. In the tent, students were shown many artifacts from WWII. One student even got to suit up like a real soldier would have done on D-Day. Students saw the types of foods the soldier ate, the guns he would have carried, and what he would have worn. The students were interested to learn about what was going on during that time period in history. The presenter wrapped up the tent activity by telling all about Company A and all the losses of lives they endured.

Next, the group moved on to the tour of the memorial. The garden told a story as you walked through it. They had great statues of significant individuals. There was a small section in which they had recreated what the D-Day invasion would have looked like. Fully equipped with explosions in the water, soldiers climbing the land, and real sand from Normandy, it was a sight to see! At the end of the tour, students stood under the Overlord Arch and saw the entire memorial. It was beautiful. Overall, this was an experience none of the seventh grade AG students will forget!