Will Byrnes Recognized for Submission to NewsCurrents

O. T. Bonner Middle School and sixth grade student Will Byrnes, a student in the classes of Mrs. Hinker and Mrs. Grantier, will be recognized across the United States this week for his submission of a political cartoon to NewsCurrents. In his cartoon, Byrnes makes clever use of irony as he looks at the problem of global warming.

NewsCurrents is a current event s discussion program that is designed to get all children involved in discussions. Each week, teachers receive an issue on DVD or online with images corresponding to 5 or 6 stories in that week’s news. NewsCurrents uses the discussion format to engage students as they learn in the classroom. The program also helps students develop a knowledge base across the curriculum, while helping to build critical thinking and verbal skills.
NewsCurrents recently held a contest in which students (elementary, middle and high school) could submit an original cartoon on any subject of national or international interest. Will’s cartoon depicts a large sun (wearing sunglasses) and hovering over the earth. A man standing on the earth asks the sun, “Hey, could you cut down the heat?”

Bonner Middle School is very proud of Will and his awesome political cartoon. Congratulations to Will for his creativity.