6th Grade Band Parent Night

Sixth Grade Band Parent Night was held in the O. T. Bonner Middle School Commons on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 6:00 in the evening. Approximately fifty-five sixth grade band students performed for a large audience of parents, teachers, and students.

There was a Bonner student who was the conductor for the evening. Although she was scared at first, she said, “I got used to it. It was pretty good; I would do it again.” She did an outstanding job of leading her peers.

Throughout the musical event, students were able to show off all of the skills they had learned in band class this year under the leadership and direction of Bonner’s Band Director, Mrs. Katie Mitchell. Ethan Via, a sixth grade student, said his favorite part of the evening was playing the warm-ups. Another student, Messiah Royster, said, “I liked to listen to the trumpets buzz!”

One band student felt that one of the highlights of the night was listening to a fellow band member practice his circular breathing. He can practice circular breathing for almost two full minutes! Everyone in attendance was impressed with his impressive breathing skills.

This was a wonderful event showcasing the wonderful talents of Bonner’s sixth grade band students. Congratulations to Mrs. Mitchell and her students on a job well done!