Sixth Grade SOL Egg Hunt

     Sixth grade students on the Mavericks team recently participated in an exciting SOL Egg Hunt! Mrs. Green, Mrs. Walcott, Mrs. Knight, and Mrs. Winant took apart plastic Easter eggs. They wrote science, English, math, and history SOL questions on the top parts of the eggs, and they wrote the answers on the bottom parts of the eggs. Then, those tricky teachers put the eggs back together and mixed up the questions and answers.

      A small group of eighth grade students hid the special SOL eggs in the field behind Bonner Middle School. Students were asked to find six special SOL eggs each (and more that were filled with candy)! Once students returned to their classrooms, they had to take apart their mismatched eggs and find the students who had the matching parts.

      Students had to use the knowledge they had learned in their science, history, math, and English classes to get their eggs put back together the correct way. Once students had the correct answers to their questions, they had to get their eggs checked by Mrs. Winant. Mrs. Winant then rewarded students with pieces of candy for their correct responses.

      This was a wonderful activity to get kids actively involved in reviewing for their upcoming SOL tests in May. Mrs. Winant, Mrs. Walcott, Mrs. Knight, and Mrs. Green saw the results of their instruction pay off when they saw the children’s smiling faces as they answered questions correctly and enjoyed the afternoon.