All About Circle Graphs

      As the students from the 6th Grade Math Class of Mrs. Hatch and Ms. Fischer walked into the classroom on Friday, January 20th, 2012 they saw the desks lined up around the wall and thought, “I wonder what they are up to today?”
That was the day they learned “ALL ABOUT CIRCLE GRAPHS! In their first task, the students decided which was their favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or mint chocolate chip. They pulled a strip of paper that represented their favorite flavor. In the first class, even Mr. Bailey got in on the fun as he chose his favorite flavor and joined in the pie / circle graph.

      Next they segregated into groups by flavor and stood side by side in a tight circle in the classroom. In the first class, Mrs. Hatch wove the yarn in and out of each group, with Ms. Fischer as the center point, while the students and Mr. Bailey made a human circle / pie graph around her. With twenty participants, that included Mr. Bailey and Mrs. Hatch, who both participated in the graph, the students then determined what part of the circle each flavor represented.
The next step was to take the strips and join them into a circle. The students then wrote on the chart and indicated the number and percentage represented by each flavor of ice cream. Vanilla seemed to be the favorite in the first class, with mint chocolate chip as the least favorite.

      In the next activity, the students made foldables for fractional parts of a circle, showing ½, ¼, and 1/8. They then had to write inside the foldable the different ways to write the fractional part as a: fraction, decimal, percentage, and written forms. To do this an additional way, the students also took circles which they folded and then colored / designed in the different fractional parts and again wrote in all the different ways to write that fractional part of the circle.
Finally in closing, the students reviewed the different information they had learned that day about circle graphs, by verbally stating answers to questions posed by the teachers, with correct answers earning a “Treat”. Clearly, everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone wanted to get in on the pictures!