Constitution Day

A variety of activities were planned for the celebration of Constitution Day at Bonner. On the first day of school, Mrs. Sadler, the media specialist, was ready to help students learn about our country’s plan of government. Students entering the library were greeted with two patriotic displays of books on topics related to the writing of the Constitution and literature from that period in history. Beginning on the third day of school and continuing through September 17th, the morning announcements over the intercom included a segment informing students about our country’s plan of government. Mrs. Joyce, the SOL Enrichment teacher, and student announcers shared information on the following topics – weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, writing the Constitution, separation of powers, checks and balances, the branches of government, and the Bill of Rights. These topics were reinforced by visual displays in the cafeteria. On Friday, September 17th, students, teachers, and administrators dressed in red, white, and blue and recited the Preamble to the Constitution as part of the morning announcements. In addition, eighth grade students received copies of the Constitution in their social studies classes. Celebrating Constitution Day at Bonner was a team effort. A big thank you goes out to all who helped make it a special occasion.