Constitution Day 2012

The students, faculty, and staff of O. T. Bonner Middle School observed Constitution Day on September 17, 2012 by holding a special assembly in the Bonner Commons. Everyone in attendance was asked to wear red, white, and blue to honor this important day. As students entered the Commons, patriotic music was played for all to enjoy.

Mr. Smith, Assistant Principal of Bonner, welcomed the crowd and an eighth grader led The Pledge of Allegiance. Then, the Bonner Middle School eighth grade band played The Star-Spangled Banner. The eighth grade band consists of thirty-six students and plays under the direction of Ms. Katie Mitchell.

Three of Ms. Lewis’ seventh grade students performed a skit about The Constitutional Convention. Afterwards, Ms. Valerie Ferguson directed the Bonner Middle School Chorus as they sang Battle Hymn of the Republic. The BMS Chorus has 39 students in grades 6-8.

One of Ms. D. Harris’ students led the entire audience in a recitation of The Preamble. Ms. Covington and three eighth grade students gave a presentation on the three branches of government.

Nine students from Ms. Joyce’s classes presented a skit about compromising at the Constitutional Convention. A sixth grade student from Ms. Grantier’s class, spoke about the ratification of the Constitution. Two students from Ms. Harvey’s classes gave a presentation on the Bill of Rights and the Amendments.

To review all of the information presented during the assembly, twelve students from the sixth grade classes of Ms. Green and Ms. Whitmire gave a short performance titled “ABCs and 123s.”

Finally, the winners of the Constitution Day Poster Contest were announced. All Bonner students recently took part in an English and History poster contest on the Constitution. Mr. Bailey, Principal of Bonner, presented the winners with O. T. Bonner Middle School hoodies to recognize the students’ hard work and effort.

Ms. Whitmire, the lead social studies teacher at Bonner, worked very hard to make this event a huge success.


Congratulations to all of the teachers and students who made this special for everyone.