Constitution Day 2013

     O. T. Bonner Middle School is celebrating Constitution Day for two weeks! Constitution Day morning announcements have been made since Thursday, September 5th and will run through Tuesday, September 17th. Each morning a different student reads informative announcements over the intercom on topics related to the Constitution. Students are learning about the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and two of the principles on which the Constitution was based: separation of powers and checks and balances. These special morning announcements also cover the following topics: Articles I, II, and III as well as the Amendments to the Constitution.

      On the morning of September 17th, Constitution Day, all students will join the student speaker to recite the Preamble. Students and teachers will show their patriotism on this important day by wearing red, white, and blue.
Mrs. Sadler, the Bonner librarian, created a special area in the library to showcase books related to the Constitution. Students are invited to check out the display in the library and to read books related to this topic in honor of the day. Even the Bonner cafeteria staff will join in the celebration. The cafeteria will serve a patriotic dessert at lunch for everyone to enjoy.

     Bonner students and teachers are enjoying celebrating Constitution Day and learning important historical information. Mrs. Whitmire, Bonner’s Lead History Teacher, and the history department are doing an outstanding job of educating everyone.