Game Afternoon 2013

      O. T. Bonner Middle School recently held Game Afternoon 2013. This fun event featured a huge inflatable slide. Students raced up the climbing wall on one side of the slide and slid down as fast as they could on the other side. Bonner’s librarian, Mrs. Laura Sadler, was even spotted racing to the top of this enormous slide and sliding to the bottom.
A gigantic inflatable obstacle course was also set up for students to bounce in and climb through on this special day. Students took off their shoes and raced through this course as they giggled, bounced, fell, and ran.

     Perhaps the highlight of the day was the dunking booth. Students paid $1.00 for three balls to try to dunk their teachers. Many brave Bonner teachers sat in the dunking booth. Ms. Pastore, the Latin teacher, led the way and was the first to be dunked. Then, Mr. Yeatts, Mrs. Nicholas, Mrs. Hatch, and Mr. Walker all took a turn. Even Bonner Assistant Principal, Mr. Raymond Smith, got dunked in the booth. Students had a blast watching their teachers get soaking wet. They showed no mercy when it came to dunking their teachers.

      Popcorn and drinks were served as well. Students experienced a wonderful afternoon of fun and games. Both students and teachers enjoyed this event.