Holocaust Rememberance Plates

During the 1940s, World War II took place. This was the time when many people were terrified and afraid of Adolf Hitler’s ideas. Many Jewish people faced the horrors of ghettos, starvation in concentration camps, or death. No matter what, this was a bad time for millions of both Jewish children and adults. Jewish children were put in gas chambers or were simply killed on the spot. There were few survivors. To remember the Holocaust survivors and those who cherished, our teacher, Ms. Burns, assigned us an interesting project to do.

First, each student was given a child’s name who was a victim of the Holocaust. We were then given an article which told about the victim’s life. We had to look for the person’s birthday, include a picture, and discover if they survived the Holocaust. For the next part, we had to cut out and glue their pictures on a paper plate. On these plates, we also listed three interesting facts about the victim and whether or not they survived the Holocaust. After all classes had completed their plates, our teacher and our librarian, Mrs. Sadler, hung the plates in front of the library windows for the entire school to see. Even though it’s very heart-breaking to see how these children were treated, the plates have reminded us that we never want this bad event to occur again.

by Shelita Hall