Human Coordinate Plane

     Seventh grade students in Mrs. Motley’s classes and Mrs. Hatch’s classes got a hands-on learning experience in the Bonner Commons last week. The teachers used blue tape to create a gigantic coordinate plane on the floor, so students could practice their math skills.

      The students were studying different types of transformations: translations, rotations, and reflections. Students were given shapes to use on the coordinate plan to illustrate exactly how shapes can be transformed.

      Students used the shapes to create mirror images by flipping them over a line of reflection. They also practiced rotations of shapes on the coordinate plane. Next, students practiced translations of shapes by moving them from one position to another without turning them on the coordinate plane.

      Finally, students copied the transformations onto their paper copies of coordinate planes. This hands-on learning approach excited the students and helped them visualize the math lesson. Students from all grade levels in the building were intrigued as they traveled past the Bonner Commons and watched their peers work on the human coordinate plane.