“Pi” Have Got a Story to Tell You!

     Sixth grade students on the Maverick’s team at OT Bonner Middle School recently participated in Pi Day. On March 14, 2012 students in Mrs. Hatch’s and Mrs. Winant’s math and English classes participated in a variety of activities to help them discover and understand pi.

      In Mrs. Winant’s English class students read Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi and learned how to solve a riddle to save Sir Circumference from remaining a dragon forever. Students read about Radius’ adventure to solve the riddle to save his father who drank a “fire belly” potion and turned into a fierce dragon. When Radius discovered the potion to save him and turn him back he had to solve a riddle to decide the dose to give him. Student followed along as Radius soon discovered one truth about all circles. Together the students and Radius learned that circumference divided by radius in any round object always equals 3.14 or pi! Sixth grade students also got a special treat of a rap performance by Mrs. Winant and three of their classmates.

      In Mrs. Hatch’s math class, student got to discover pi on their own by measuring many treats they brought into school including, pies, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. After taking the measurements of several round objects in the room, student completed their formula to find pi and were amazed to find that it was true. The students relished in “sweet” satisfaction as they discovered pi and enjoyed their snacks. In a truly hands on experience, it is a lesson they will remember for a long time.

      Pi Day was a success all around for the students at OT Bonner. It was a chance for students to get a hands-on experience to discover a concept that will help them advance in math. Mrs. Hatch and Mrs. Winant enjoyed watching students at they got to have their “Pi” and learn it too!