Pi Day

Integrating the Literature story, "Sir Cumference and the Dragon Pi" into our lesson, students were able to use the riddle to discover Pi. 

Students had to help Radius and Lady Di of Ameter save Sir Cumference.  The answer lies in the poem:

Measure the middle and circle around,

Divide so a number can be found.

Every circle, great and small-

The number is the same for all.

It's also the dose, so be cleaver,

Or a dragon he will stay forever.....


Students used several circular food items such as cookies, doughnuts, fudge rounds, a cake, pies and pizza to measure the diameter and the circumference of each.  Using this information, students discovered the mystery number was 3.14 or 3 and 1/7.   They understood that the relationship between any circle's diameter and it's circumference will always be Pi. 


We then enjoyed the taste of our labors while eating all our circular foods.