Revolutionary Era Projects

     The students in Ms. Green’s Advanced U.S. History I class have been very busy working to create life-size Revolutionary Era figures. The students in her second period class are studying SOL USI.6c, which asks students to describe the roles of key individuals in the American Revolution.

      Students began their projects by choosing from a list of important people during the American Revolution. Students could choose from the following individuals: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, John Adams, King George III, and Lord Cornwallis. Students were then taken to the computer lab to research these famous men. They had to find five facts about the person’s life during the Revolutionary Era and use one fact from the curriculum framework.

      Once students completed their research, they had to work in small groups to create life-size figures of these individuals. Once students had drawn the bodies, they added proper attire from the colonial time period and then wrote their facts on the person’s legs, arms, and torso.

      The teachers on the Mavericks team worked together to help students create these amazing projects. The gentlemen of the American Revolution really came to life during this unit!