2015-2016 Events


Rule of Law Day

      Students in Mrs. Harvey's 8th grade civics classes recently enjoyed time with professionals in the legal field. Judge Milam, Judge Turpin, and attorneys Sandra Chinn-Gilstrap, and Jim Daniel worked with the region coordinator John Koehler to bring "Rule of Law Day" to life.

     After brief introductions, students responded to the writing prompt, What does Rule of Law mean to you? Many indicated the freedoms allowed under the Constitution particularly in the Bill of Rights allowed them specific and fair treatment in our courts. Then adults and students alike dove into the Great Firecracker Caper. Previously students were chosen to portray the Defendant, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, Judge and three witnesses and provided fact sheets. Judge Milam and Turpin advised the student Judges, while the attorneys advised the student prosecutor and defense attorney.The verdict was not guilty as the state did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Of course each defendant would have been eligible for an appeal if found guilty.

     Finally, students were allowed to ask questions of the professional panel. This simulation was a huge success as students were able to be actively involved in the case