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Current Events for 2014-2015



     In October, the fourth graders took a trip to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to visit the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton. All exhibits are located outdoors and allow the students to go back in time to experience Old World and America. We began our morning in the Old World where we visited a 1700s West African village, 1600s English farmhouse, 1700s blacksmith shop, 1700s Irish farmhouse, and 1700s German farmhouse. In the African village, students practiced carrying items on their heads using baskets. In the German farmhouse, students were dressed up as children from that period and given a choice to make the journey to America or stay in Germany. In the blacksmith’s shop, the students were able to watch the blacksmith make a nail. After our pizza lunch, we traveled to America! We visited a 1700s Native American Encampment, 1740s log cabin, 1820s and 1850s farmhouse, and 1850s schoolhouse. At the 1740s log cabin exhibit, students tried their hand at sawing wood. In the 1740s farmhouse, the students played a guessing game with tools from that period and tried to describe what each tool was and how it was used. In the schoolhouse, students wrote on slate boards and learned how different a classroom was back then. Each exhibit is an exact replica, if not actual buildings that were brought from each country. The workers at the museum are all dressed according to the time period and speak as if you are stepping into their home. Not only did the students enjoy making a real life connection to the settlement areas of the early colony of Virginia, they also were very excited to see the Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountain, and Valley and Ridge regions we spend so much time learning and discussing in class during the first nine weeks!





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