Forest Hills


2017-2018 PTO Officers


Reid Owens


Erin Parris

Hospitality Coordinator:

Cynthia Wright


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2015-2016 PTO Meetings

2016-2017 PTO Meetings





Ongoing Projects


General Mills Box Tops for Education 

There are over 200 products with the box tops on them. For each box top we send in, they will give us 10 cents. We have a goal of $500 for this year. Click here to get a list of products and to see how Forest Hills is doing.  Please cut your box tops and send them in every month!  In addition, if you go to you can register and more money comes our way!


Coca Cola Points

We all love a cold coke, well now we can save the points and earn free school supplies and gym equipment.  Forest Hills is already online at Go in today and donate your points to Forest Hills or bring in the plastic tops and we can receive items for school.


Food Lion MVP Cards

You can click here to register your card with Food Lion to donate to the school. We are listed as Forest Hills PTO.  Part of your spending is given to our school.


Campbell’s Labels for Education

Now you only clip the UPC with all the numbers listed. We are enrolled in this program, also. We are given 1-5 points for each label and can use that to order products for our school.


Nestle Water Labels

Nestle will provide us with gym materials if we turn in their labels.  So, send them in!



Help us protect the environment by donating your used cell phones, inkjets, laptops, iPods, digital cameras and video cameras. They will be sent in and recycled. Forest Hills will receive proceeds, depending on the items received.