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Euantes Art and Photography Contest / Deadline for January 23, 2014 /See below for additional details.


 Euantes, GW’s literary, art, and journalism magazine, is produced in the credit classes. These classes are open to all 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students subject to the permission of the Euantes adviser. The magazine provides a means for students to showcase their various talents. The magazine staff produces a magazine that comes out in June. It has fiction, poetry, prose features, photography and artwork done by GW students. The Euantes staff is composed of students interested in magazine production. Positions are open for students interested in writing, art, desktop publishing technology, photography, layout/design, and business. Conscientious, dependable students should contact Ms. Sharon Leigg, adviser.

Sponsors: Mrs. Leigg

Recent 2014



Euantes wins Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s (CSPA) Gold Medalist

award, with a score of 898 points out of 1000, with special recognition (called All-Columbian Honors).


American Scholastic Press Association Recognizes George Washington High School

IsMonie Davis has won national recognition from American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA) for her short story “Deadbolt,” which was named BEST STORY in THE NATION from ASPA. “Deadbolt” appeared in the 2014 issue of Euantes. Currently, IsMonie is one of the executive editors of the Euantes magazine.

The Euantes magazine also received major recognition by winning ASPA’s highest award: FIRST PLACE WITH SPECIAL MERIT.  The judge commented:

Euantes is an excellent publication which deserves a FIRST PLACE WITH SPECIAL MERIT award in the American Scholastic Press Association’s annual magazine competition.… Your magazine shows the superior efforts of talented and creative editors, writers, artists, photographers, layout/graphics designers, staff members and advisor.” 



Euantes wins National Scholastic Press Association’s (NSPA) highest national rating, the ALL AMERICAN Award with 497 points out of 500, with MARKS of DISTINCTION for content, concept, writing & editing, photography/ art/ graphics/ and typography and layout/design.  


Euantes wins Southern Interscholastic Press Association’s (SIPA) highest national ranting, the ALL SOUTHERN. Judge’s comments:

You and your school community should be proud of the excellent work displayed so professionally in Euantes 2014. From the special touches, such as the bar code section titles and the visually emotive headlines, to the engaging literature and art, it has been a joy to read your magazine. I will keep it as an example for college students involved in creative writing periodicals here that are associated with the renowned Iowa Writers Workshop. You offer some excellent material for their consumption.

Best wishes on the next volume.


EUANTES Wins Highest Award from Virginia High School League

Once again, Euantes wins the highest award Virginia High School League gives a magazine. Euantes adviser, Sharon Leigg, announced the award yesterday.  Here are some of the judge’s comments:


“Your writing in this issue is some of the best I have ever read in my 50 years of judging. The pathos, the anger, the hurt, the pain your writers have captured in such poetic language chills my soul to the bone—Kudos!!!”


“With each piece, I thought I had read the best, BUT it became more professional as I moved through the magazine.”

“Visually, your magazine is complete pleasure. You have shown clear and exceptional creativity that provides powerful complements to the theme [Doors] and written word.”


“An exceptional job, one of your very best. The joy of your publication is you have created one with classical traditions; it has built on itself.  There is always outstanding art and photography, professional writing, classical design. The reader knows what to expect and has come to look for it.  It has the classical tradition of a National Geographic, a New Yorker, or any commercial magazine—Kudos!!!”



Euantes Art and Photography Contest

Deadline for January 23, 2014

GW Students: Euantes, the literary-art magazine of GW, is having an Art and Photography Contest, and we want you to participate! We want to see your art and photography. All entries are eligible but not guaranteed for publication in the Euantes.

Contest Categories:
1)$25 for best photo (black and white or color)
2)$25 for best art piece (of any medium)

You MAY submit more than one entry in either or both fields.

 1) All artwork must be labeled with your name, the grade you are in, and your art and/ or
English teacher’s name.                         

2) All work must be original.

3) No entries will be accepted on notebook paper.

4) We will review developed or electronically formatted photographs.