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Physical Education Requirements

1. This is an ACTIVITY CLASS. You are NOT allowed to participate when not dressed out.

2. Consequences in gym:
NOT DRESSING OUT (1st time--warning / 2nd time--5 points deducted from grade and parent contact)
**** 5 points will be deducted eachtime student is not dressed out and a parent contact will be made.
8th time not dressing out will require taking final semester exam.
3 points deducted from grade

3. Acceptable gym clothes:
T-shirt/sweat shirt
gym shorts / sweat pants
socks and tennis shoes
warm-up / wind suit

4. You must CHANGE CLOTHES to be considered "dressed out."

5. Parent's notes will be accpted, however, you MUST DRESS OUT.
Doctor's excuses will be accepted.
Written work will be assigned when participation is excused.

6. Requirements for roll call:
Go straight from locker room and sit in your squad.
Roll call is a required activity.
If you are not in the proper spot in the squad line, 1 point will b e deducted.

7. Students will be given 5 minutes to dress out and 6 minutes at the end of class to change. You must take care of bathroom needs during this time.

8. The locker room doors will be locked during class. Lock your belongings in your assigned locker.

9. During class, you are to remain in the immediate area where your class is being held. Failure to do so is considered skipping class.

10. Grading System:
Same as is staed in student handbook.

11. Chewing gum, food/drinks and headwear, are not allowed in the gym. Individual teachers will set guidelines for wearing jewelry.

12. You are responsible for knowing and following these rules and guidelines.