Community Day


The students of Glenwood and Woodrow Wilson Elementary came out and supported the Stonewall Recreation Center's "Community Day" Celebration on September 10, 2011 off of North Main Street.  The focus this year was Anti-Gang awareness, and the students showed their love of community through art and song as they performed our beloved National Anthem to kick off the morning! Virginia's own attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli was there to say a few encouraging words and to express his thanks to the students and their families for coming out and doing such a great job. Everyone had a fantastic time playing games, planting trees, and talking about their hopes for a bright and prosperous future for the community. Mr. Gary Jack, the music teacher at Woodrow Wilson and Glenwood, was extremely proud and honored to have so many students there for this historic event! Hopefully, this will be the start of bright and prosperous future for this community.


Community Day 2011