Thank You Danville Community!


     Nestle has shown us AGAIN how much they care for our students. They had a competition between classes to see who could raise the most supplies for Glenwood students. Andrew Verderame, an intern at Nestle, conducted the school supply drive. Glenwood received boxes of binders, pencils, erasers, and many other useful tools that will help our students succeed this school year. Can we thank Nestle enough?

    That same week we received an email stating that Nestle Very Best in Youth Foundation helped to get supplies for our school. Max Wallack, one of the 2011 NVBIY winners, collected the most school supplies for our students.

    We also want to thank Glenwood Memorial Baptist Church Missionary Group, Danville Braves, and the Regional One Foundation for the many other school supply donations. Glenwood received so many different types of supplies including notebooks, glue sticks, pencil boxes, and BOOKBAGS! Students who did not have a book bag at the beginning of the school year now have something else to help them be successful students.