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Hanna Montana's Hoedown Throwdown Direction Video



Physical fitness means having enough energy to get through the day easily, doing all the things you need to do, and still having a little extra energy in case you need it.
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The Number Crew, Fit Club

The Number Crew improve the passengers’ fitness. The passengers are getting out of shape so Bradley organizes a Fit Club to get them all exercising. The passengers don't understand the words for positions and directions though, so things aren't going well. Math Content: Describe positions and directions.


Lifetime Fitness

Everybody needs some kind of regular physical activity to look good, feel good, be healthy, and enjoy life.
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The ability to bend, reach, and twist comfortably is the part of physical fitness called flexibility.
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Daily Food Choices for Healthy Living

This best-selling program has been revised using the latest USDA research on what foods North Americans eat and what nutrients are in those foods. With input from nutrition experts, health specialists, and home economics teachers, the program teaches how to make the best food choices. The USDA Food Guide Pyramid is used to illustrate the basic food groups. The program then helps the students put the dietary guidelines into practice. Students will learn what and how much to eat from each food group to get the nutrients needed, but not too many calories or too much fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, sodium or alcohol. Following the Pyramid will help keep the intake of total fat and saturated fat low and reduce chances of getting certain diseases and help maintain healthy weight. Students will also see how to control the sugar and salt in their diets and to make fewer sugar and salt choices. Special activities are provided for pregnant teens and young women.
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The Good Food Dinner

This video explains the importance of eating balanced and healthy meals to maintain energy and feel good throughout the day. Viewers will learn about the digestive system and how it works to process food and cleanse the body. The effects of both healthy and unhealthy diets are presented, and eating "junk food" only in moderation is stressed.
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