Aspiring Young Ladies of G.L.H. Johnson Elementary School


     The monthly meeting of the Aspiring Young Ladies had the opportunity to have as their guest speaker, Mrs. Monalisa Whittle, Director of Recruitment and Retention for the Danville Public Schools. Mrs. Whittle was greeted by forty-six fifth grade girls who anxiously awaited the words of wisdom that Mrs. Whittle had for them. Mrs. Whittle spoke on the topic, “How to be Successful as a Student”.

     First, Mrs. Whittle introduced herself to the students and told them about her occupation and how important it is be yourself and to dress to impress. She stressed to the girls how important it is to be who you are and not who someone else wants you to be. Then her focus was on attire and how you have options in selecting what is appropriate to wear. She went on to explain the “do’s and don’ts” of life. She ended her presentation by answering questions. The young ladies had a fascinating time with Mrs. Whittle!