GLH Johnson Elementary School




4th Grade is ELECTRIC!

Our 4th graders have been busy studying electricity and creating circuits in science.  It’s all about our wonderful state in Virginia Studies.  Students have been learning important facts about Virginia using interactive maps.  See if they can tell you a new fact they’ve learned!  On September 17th we celebrated Constitution Day.  Our 4th graders sang along to the School House Rock Constitution video.  In Math, students have been working hard on multi-digit multiplication.  Students have been reading and writing across the curriculum, focusing on a variety of comprehension strategies.  We are using the Pizza Hut Book-It program to encourage children to read at least 20 minutes every night.  In order for students to receive their free pizza coupon, they must complete the weekly reading log for a month.  The fourth grade teachers would like to thank the students for all their hard work and dedication so far this year!