GLH Johnson Elementary School




                                                      A Whole New Test

     Third grade is a vital year in a students learning. This is the first year they are required to take the Virginia Standards of Learning tests for each of the core subjects. Students will be tested in the areas of Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. These standardized tests will be completed on computers and will consist of a variety of questions, including multiple choice questions and TEI items (Technology Enhanced Items).

     Our third graders have been hard at work practicing these testing skills on the computer and are now well equipped and ready for the SOL tests, BUT the students aren’t the only ones who need to be prepared! Their parents need to be prepared as well!

      In order to help with any anxieties our parents and guardians may have, we invited them to come to the computer lab and take a practice test alongside their student. It was an eye opener to parents and they learned a lot about the recent changes to SOLs!