GLH Johnson Elementary School



                                                   Celebrating Christmas


                                                Students’ Christmas Writings


I have a Christmas tree.  I have a very big stocking.  I have an angel on top of my tree.


I like Santa.  He is cool.  He gives us presents and stockings.  He always is cool to us.


My sister wakes me up.  Santa puts toys in my bag.


My Christmas tree is white.  My Christmas tree has a star on it.  In the morning my sister wakes me up and I get up.  And there was a watch and doll house and a jump rope and a trampoline and some glasses and a play zebra.


I love Santa because he gives me presents I love Santa!  I put a wreath in my room on my wall.  Santa puts gifts in my stocking.  My mom and I put up my Christmas tree.  We put a start on the top of the tree.  I love presents.  Santa brings me some presents!  I love winter!


First grade students have completed their second nine weeks benchmark testing and are looking forward to a much anticipated winter break.  Teachers are wishing parents a wonderful time with their children.  We hope everyone will be resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating over the break!  When we return in January, we will be gearing up for the mid-year PALS testing.  Happy New Year to everyone!


First grade teachers, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Race, Mrs. Plyler, and Ms. Crews