GLH Johnson Elementary School




Electromagnets with Mrs. Collins' 4th Grade Class


For Science SOL 4.3 the students in Mrs. Collins' class created electromagnets.  Students tested 3 variables: the number of coils on the wire, the size of the wire, and the amount and strength of the batteries.  The students wrote a hypothesis and created an investigation.  In their investigation, they were careful to only test one variable at a time so that the experiment would be fair.  After students tested each variable, they recorded the results and wrote their observations and a conclusion. 

They found that while the size of the wire did not matter, the number of coils and more / bigger batteries made the magnetized metal pick up more paper clips.  After they had done their tests, each student was able to use the electromagnets in the pictures.  They could demonstrate that the magnet only worked if the wires were all connected to create a closed circuit.