GLH Johnson Elementary School







Tuesday, September 17, 2013 was Constitution Day. This was a great time

for all the first graders at G. L. H. Johnson Elementary School to show their American spirit on this day.  After learning about the birthday of the Constitution and the “Father of the Constitution” (James Madison) on Monday and Tuesday, the students were ready to make their American flags for their parade.  They were able to connect Independence Day (Fourth of July) as our country’s (United States of America) birthday, and Constitution Day as the birthday of our Constitution.


All the first graders made an American flag for their Constitution Day Parade.  They enjoyed coloring their flags and gluing them to a striped (red, white and blue) straw.  During their recess, the students, teachers, and Mrs. Jackson, the principal, went outside in the school parking lot for the parade. First they said the Pledge of Allegiance with the flags and then they marched to three patriotic songs while holding their flag up in their right hand.  After the songs, the students marched and repeated this chant,” I love my school, I love my school, G. L. H. Johnson Elementary,  G. L. H. Johnson Elementary. The teachers and Mrs. Jackson joined the students in the parade.  We all had fun learning about the constitution, making flags, marching, and chanting. What a wonderful way to celebrate Constitution Day!