GLH Johnson Elementary School




                                      The Last Dance: A Fifth Grade Formal


     The Fifth Graders had a wonderful evening at the Senior Citizen Building on Saturday,       April 12, 2014.  The students were dressed in their evening attire!  The students, as well as their teachers, enjoyed an evening of music, dance, food, and most of all fun.  The dance provided the fifth graders and their teachers a time to relax and have an evening of fun before SOL Testing.

     The evening was full of surprises for everyone!  They were very excited about the special guests that came to spend the evening with them.  The special performers entertained our students with songs and dance routines and the students even had the opportunity to dance with the dancers.

     The entire evening was enjoyable and everyone had an outstanding time!  The evening came to an end with the students taking home bags of goodies from the refreshment table.

     We would like to thank our PTSO for giving our students the opportunity to have a formal dance.  This was a real world experience on how to present yourself when you are out in the public.  What an outstanding job the students did!