GLH Johnson Elementary School

Aspiring Young Ladies of GLH Johnson



Program Description

Young ladies in the 5th grade at G.L.H. Johnson Elementary School participate in a club called The Aspiring Ladies of G.L.H. Johnson. The goal of this club is to promote intellectual excellence, strong character development, and healthy personal and social growth. The program objectives are:

•  To increase students' awareness of future opportunities;
•  To nurture students' potential for success;
•  To promote students' understanding and respect for self.


This Program involves monthly meetings with guest presenters addressing topics such as:

• Nutrition and Health

• The Role of Leaders

• Leadership Styles

• Today’s Female Leaders

• Financial Management

• Entrepreneurship

• Table Etiquette

• Dressing for Success


The Aspiring Young Ladies have the opportunity to participate in special projects and activities throughout the school year.  In the history of program, young ladies have participated in activities such as Toys for Kids and Teacher Appreciation.


Aspiring Young Ladies' Motto

The motto for the Aspiring Young Ladies is recited at each meeting as a way to reaffirm their value and understanding of self:
          I am an Aspiring Young Lady of G.L.H. Johnson. I will follow my dreams, work hard, practice, and never give up.

          I believe in myself! Have faith in my abilities. I know who I am and whose I am. My success will not be by chance.

          It will be by choice. I am an Aspiring Young Lady of GLH Johnson.


Aspiring Young Ladies' Pearls - Qualities of a Lady

Our Aspiring Young Ladies have identified the following qualities of a lady - Her Pearls:


Her Beauty


Her Knowledge

Her Personality



Aspiring Young Ladies