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G. Procedure:
Introduce lesson and stimulate discussion of animal differences by reading,
Spotted Bear: A Rocky Mountain Folktale by Hanneke Ippisch, drawing
from the students descriptions and predictions of animals or animal evidence
such as feathers, tracks, and sounds or animal behaviors and habitats.  The
tale tells a story about how the spotted bear got its spots but the illustrations
by IHedvig Rappe-Flowerstell so much more.

Animals pictured in this book are red squirrel, black bear, great horned owl,
deer mouse, gray jay, ladybug beetle, monarch butterfly, raccoon, American
crow, red fox, western tanager, common nighthawk, striped hawk, bull snake,
deerfly, moose, elk, bison, mule deer, mountain goat, bobcat. red squirrel,
ord kangaroo rat, jackrabbit, porcupine, pileated woodpecker, bald eagle, red
tailed  hawk, northern pigmy-owl, mountain cottontail, carpenter ant, grasshopper,
gray wolf, pika, polyphemus moth and cocoon, little brown myotis, grizzly bear,
western screech owl, and underwing moth.

Plant life from animal habitats pictured in the book are bearberry, ponderosa pine,
calyso orchid or fairy slipper, Oregon grape or holly grape, shooting star,  trillium,
glacier lily, clematis, mountain bluebell, wild rose or prairie rose, huckeberry,
birch trees, beargrass, rose hips, chokecherry, evening primrose, and morel

Other natural phenomena, elements of nature or creations from nature illustrated
in this book are northern lights or Aurora Borealis; Ursa Major; bear claw necklace;
arrowheads; pine cones; tracks of a moose, a deer, a bear, a badger, a deer mouse,
a small bird, a cottontail, a bobcat and a mountain lion; as well as bear facts and
more bear tracks.

The book includes a seven page special "Notes About the Art" section identifying
what is in the pictures with information about the plants and animals - where they
live, what they eat or what eats them, what sounds they make, and other interesting
things. This book is definitely a great book to build background as well as to
generate discussions to access prior knowledge.

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