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Computer Connection: Use Microsoft Excel to
create a chart demonstrating which group you put
each animal. If in a two computer classroom,
students may use pencil and paper while two
groups are on the computer.
(Students follow step by step directions using Microsoft Excel.)

H. Safety:
Children should be made aware of the need to respect wild
animals and to never approach a wild animal.  They should
be aware of wild plants and always research to identify the
plant and check with an adult before touching or tasting
fruit from plants growing in the wild.

I. Observations:
Use the encyclopedia, internet, or classification chart in
science book to prove or check your information on the
animals you are not sure about.
(As students work they check their work for accuracy and possibly develop new questions)

J. Conclusions
In your Science Journal, please describe your results.
Which do you think is the best way to sort the animals?
Which way required the most thinking?

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