Park Avenue

Computer Instruction


All classes have daily access to computers in their own classrooms.

  • Students in second through fifth grades use computers to reinforce skills, learn keyboarding, word processing, develop basic technology skills, and take online assessments.
  • Students in grades kindergarten through fifth use computers to participate in Successmaker for 35-60 minutes each week.
  • Our school has five Mobile Wireless Computer Labs which consist of 24 laptops in a rolling cart.  Teachers have been trained to use the lab to complete classroom activities to assist students with Virginia Computer Standards Of Learning (SOLs) K-5.
  • Students receive orientation to use of computers during first weeks of school both in the classroom and in the media center.  This orientation includes how to use computers and accessing Internet and learning programs.  In addition, students are made aware of the Acceptable Use Policy and Ethics by the library media specialist.
  • Park Avenue also has two computer labs that are used by every grade to suport instruction.
  • Our latest technology addition is a Apple Education Lab with 30 iPads.  This iPad initiative was funded by a Chamber of Commerce grant.  Students use the iPads to reinforce skills, develop writing skills, and read digital textbooks.


    We continually upgrade our network and software to provide programs and graphics that enrich and enhance daily learning in language arts, math, science, and social studies.