Year Round Information


Why would students choose to attend a year-round school?

Just like athletes, students need constant practice to become proficient learners. The year-round schedule provides 25 extra “practice” days during the year. This extra time, called intersessions, is used by students to brush up on basic skills or to expand their knowledge with enrichment activities. By having a shorter summer break, students are less likely to lose skills mastered during the school year.


What are intersessions? Are they mandatory?

Intersessions are optional and occur after the nine-week grading periods. Students attend for five hours and are divided into classes of 15 or less. The emphasis is on having fun while learning with hands-on activites and greater one-on-one instruction. Intersessions also allow students to work with different teachers and with children from different classes, and sometimes, grade levels.



Do year-round schools still get Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks?

Yes, students in year-round schools have the same Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks as those in traditional schools.  In addition they still have five weeks of summer vacation and a week of vacation in October following the fall intersession. These scheduled “changes of pace” Many experts believe help prevent both teacher and student burn-out.