W.W. Moore



"TREES" - The Best Shady Deal Around

Recently, the horticulture program at W. W. Moore was highlighted at the Virginia Urban Forest Council workshop entitled “TREES-The Best Shady Deal Around.” This was a workshop of over 150 landscapers, arborists and horticulturists from around the state. The September 9th workshop allowed the Green Thumb Nursery to share their “Growing Trees-Changing Kids” presentation, distribute flyers and sell trees. Two utility friendly trees from the nursery were donated for use as door prizes. Also, during the month of September the students of the Green Thumb Nursery assisted in land-scaping the latest Habitat for Humanity House in Danville. The students developed the plan in the school’s computer lab with the assistance of Mr. Brian Patty, technology teacher. Two students, a teacher and one staff member installed the chosen plants and shrubs, also planted a large crepe myrtle from the school’s tree nursery in the front yard. Both students expressed much pride in accomplishing such a worthwhile project.