W.W. Moore



Veteran's Day

Lieutenant Commander Franklin D. Hitt, Jr., United States Navy (RET), spoke to the students at W. W. Moore as part of their Veterans Day Celebration. Commander Hitt is currently the Senior Naval Science instructor at George Washington High School. He explained how Veterans Day began and the importance of this day. Commander Hitt told the students that men and women in the military make many sacrifices including the ultimate sacrifice (their lives) to keep our country safe. He also shared information about his travels and various experiences during his fifteen years of service in the United States Navy.

In addition to the speaker, each student received a copy of the poem “Sometimes the World Seems” by Larissa Myschuk. One student in each class read the poem aloud as a tribute to the guest speaker, teachers, and staff who are veterans. The teachers wore red, white and blue as part of the celebration. Commander Hitt was given a plant from the school’s greenhouse and a certificate as a token of our appreciation for his service to our country.