W.W. Moore



Career Unit

      During the month of March the students at W. W. Moore participated in a career Unit. In an effort to help students start thinking about their future and career choices, a career unit was planned. During the month of March Mr. Tadashi Totten of the Danville Cooperative Extension Agency presented three sessions to the students on various aspects of careers. The students were given the opportunity to state their career choice, talk about why they chose the particular career and discuss the viability of their selection. Mr. Totten also had the students complete a brief application and participate in a mock job interview. The students were given various scenarios which required them to use logic and problem solving skills. Mr. Totten gave the students many tips that could be used when completing applications and interviewing. Finally, Mr. Totten stressed the fact that one’s career should be something that you are passionate about and will enjoy doing on a daily basis.