W.W. Moore



Constitution Day 2012

On September 17, 2012, the students and staff of W. W. Moore Education Program observed Constitution Day. Each teacher planned special activities for their subject area. After studying the origin of the Constitution and reading it, the students had the opportunity to write their own amendments to the Constitution. Other activities included playing Constitutional Kick Ball, learning to calculate popular and electoral votes and discussing facts about Benjamin Franklin and other Founding Fathers and signers of the Constitution.

The activity that was the most popular involved cooking. The students in the Post D Program cooked two Constitution Day Specials: Berry Stuffed French Toast and Constitution Day Cereal Bars. Each dish used ingredients that went along with the red, white and blue theme. The students were proud of their culinary creations and enjoyed them immensely. e planned activities were successful and enjoyed by the students. As part of the celebration, the teachers wore red, white and blue.