W.W. Moore



Job Training for the Green Industry

     Over nine years ago Stuart Sutphin, Danville’s cooperative extension agent, began teaching a “Job Skills Horticulture” class to the students in the post-disposition program at W. W. Moore. The purpose of these classes is to prepare the students for employment in entry level horticulture jobs. Mr. Sutphin in conjunction with the post-dispositional teachers have developed a curriculum that will provide the job skills needed to work in a green industry.

      He comes one day a week for 10 weeks in the fall, and again in the spring. A few of the areas studied are botany, plant propagation, plan irrigation and landscaping principles. The students put the power point information that they learn to work in the Green Thumb Nursery during their classes for the remainder of the week.

      At the end of the class the students are given an exam. All students that pass this exam receive a job skills horticulture certificate. This certificate is presented through the Cooperative Extension Office for Virginia. Several students have used this certification to obtain employment. It is felt even if a student doesn’t desire employment in this field they can enjoy landscaping their own home one day with the skills they acquire.