W.W. Moore



The Green Thumb Nursery Partners with Liberty Hospice

The students in the Green Thumb Nursery at W. W. Moore have partnered with Liberty Hospice Services to make what could be a patient’s last birthday a happier one. Each hospice patient will receive a specially designed potted plant as part of a special birthday celebration. The students will use plants they have propagated in the greenhouse for the planters. They will also learn the art of bow typing to give the planter a professional appearance.

Kathy Gray and Brynn Hughes of Liberty Hospice visited the post dispositional students on October 9, 2012 and presented a very informative power point on the importance of a program such as hospice. The students asked many pertinent questions about the program. All of the students are eager to do their part to bring a small amount of joy to the patients of Liberty Hospice.

Before Ms. Gray and Ms. Hughes left the building they were given four plants for the patients for the month of October. One plant is for a patient and his wife of 60 years for their anniversary and the others are for birthdays. All agreed that this is a partnership that will serve to lift the spirits of everyone involved.