W.W. Moore



Lots of Potential

      The Green Thumb Nursery at W. W. Moore has partnered with Danville’s Community Development Department to spruce up the city. They are turning condemned lots into landscaped areas within the local community. Currently there are three lots targeted for this project Monument Street, Cleveland Street and Ross Street.

      During the cold winter months the students painted fence posts and boards for installation this spring. The city landscaping department brought equipment in to add top soil where needed and to plant grass. They then had the fence posts installed by a local company.

      Once these posts were in place the students installed the boarding. They worked on a teacher’s workday and during Spring Break to get these jobs done. It was a fun experience to learn the proper way to use cordless screwdrivers.
As part of this project, they designed the landscape plan for each area. On May 2, 2012, they began the installation of the lot on Monument Street. It was a scorching hot day in the low 90’s but the students worked diligently for over four hours. During the planting they were interviewed by Mark Aaron, Danville’s Multimedia Design Manager. It was quite an experience to have grown and nurtured the plants that they later planted in such a public venue. They will return to complete the mulching which will be done within the next week.

      The students proved during their participation in the “Lots of Potential” project that they are young people with “lots of potential.” Everyone is invited to drive by one of these projects to see what great work the students have done.