W.W. Moore



Super Hero Math with Mr. Patty

     Trying to teach basic math skills while keeping the students interested can be a challenging task. To combat this issue I put together an interactive math lesson. The idea is to use the super heroes that the students know and set them in a competitive math lesson. The students divide into two groups and play the different heroes and rivals against each other. This is done in the format of basic and consumer math questions.

      Typically, the more famous the hero, the tougher the questions will be for the students to solve. To add an extra amount of mystery and fun, some of the heroes are linked to my own set of nemeses and heroes. Students then have to face me as a group and take down the teacher. This is a popular part of the exercise and the students really enjoy it.
This type of activity helps both students with low math skills and those with a higher set of skills. The students work well together in this fun and competitive setting.