Music & Chorus





Calendar of Events

Date Event
April 24 Spring Concert - 6:00PM Westwood Gymnasium

Grading Policy

  • 50% - Daily grades indicating improvement in skills (based on individual assessment of daily activities)
  • 25% - Concert performances & evaluation of those performances (the summative activity of all rehearsals)
  • 25% - Evidence of teamwork (contributing to the group through attitude, behavior, supportive comments and actions, lack of negativity

Uniform Policy


Black Skirt (below the knee), or Black Dress Slacks

White Dress Shirt

Black Dress Shoes (low heel)


Black Dress Slacks

White Dress Shirt with Dark Tie

Black Dress Shoes with Black Socks


All-City Chorus
George Washington High School
February 22, 2014

All District Choir
William Byrd High School
March 1, 2014

6th Grade Chorus

7th Grade Chorus

8th Grade Chorus