Constitution Day

In honor of Constitution Day, these activities were completed on September 17th...

6th Grade -
Mr. Pearson and Mr. Foisy did comparison preambels using compareand contrast.

We the students of 6th grade...........
Their students discussed the difference in vocabulary and setting compared to the original. Students then signed it and they displayed it outside of class on the wall.

7th Grade -
Students on the 7th grade level were presented with an abridged version of the Bill of Rights. They wrote a paragraph explaining why 1 of those amendments is important to them and another suggesting the need for a right that is not included in the 1st 10 amendments.

8th Grade -
8th grade students celebrated Constitution Day by examining the First Amendment. Students were asked to decide which of the First Amendment freedoms is most important to them and then to write 2 paragraphs about why it is the most important freedom as well as how that freedom effects their day to day life.