Constitution Day 2011

Eighth Grade
To celebrate Constitution Day 8th grade students participated in various activities. Civics students discussed the U. S. Constitution and were surprised at how much they had learned already! They watched a short video segment about the Constitutional Convention and James Madison from History Channel’s “Founding Fathers” series and then completed mini-posters on the goals of the Preamble. Science students completed an essay in Ms. Callander’s class about what they believe is the most important First Amendment Freedom and why.

Seventh Grade
In their Language Arts classes, 7th grade students were asked to write an essay on how their life would change if one of the rights in the Bill of Rights was taken away.

Sixth Grade
Mr. Foisy and Mr. Pearson had the students draw an accurate representation of the American Flag. While drawing the flag, they made sure to draw the accurate number of stars, indicating the 50 states, and stripes, indicating the original 13 colonies. The students used the flag from the classroom to make sure that their interpretation was correct.

Mrs. Hairston’s Class
For Constitution Day, Mrs. Hairston’s class made "America" cakes, consisting of strawberries, Cool Whip, and blueberries on shortcake. They have also been hard at work learning about the continents and oceans.

School Wide
On Constitution Day, Ms. Sheridan's 8th grade choir sang the Preamble, and Mr. McNair had the band play the Star Spangled Banner, over the intercom for the entire school to enjoy.