Fine Arts Night 2012

     The 2012 Fine Arts Night was held on April 18, 2012 at George Washington High School Auditorium with an art exhibition of work from students K-12. Westwood Middle School is proud to announce it had several winners. The Best in the Show award winner was 8th grader Leisy Flores with a pastel portrait of Selena Gomez. The Award of Distinction winners 8th grader Chasatity Griffin with pastel and 7th grader Cynthia Lawless with a pastel seascape. In the Three Dimensional Category the Pottery award winners were first place 7th grader Cynthia Lawless and third place 8th grader Jamaica Brandon. In the Two Dimensional Category, the first place Mixed Media winner was 8th grader Arianna Blackstock. The Pastels, Crayon and Charcoal winners were first place 8th grader Zahyra Bradley, second place 8th grader Kayla Alexander, and third place 8th grader Leisy Flores. The Pen, Ink, and Scratchboard first place winner was 8th grader Jamaica Brandon and the Pencil (Graphite or Color) winners were first place 8th grader Byron Day, second place 6th grader Isaiah Warner, and third place 7th grader Destiny Payne. All of the winners will join other middle and high school winners on Sunday, April 22, 2012 from 2:00pm-4:00pm at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History for a special reception.