Food Groups and Food Chains

Both Mrs. Harrelson's and Mrs. Hairston's classes at Westwood Middle have been enjoying learning about food groups, healthy food choices and where foods come from. They spent a week together as they experienced activities promoting healthy eating. At the end of the week, the classes prepared Trail Mix as an assembly line and shared the healthy snacks with several faculty and staff. Experiencing this together enabled both classes to respect each other, work cooperatively together and prepare something to share outside the classroom setting.

Following that activity, both classes combined the following week to discuss food chains. Several unfamiliar animals were introduced and discussed, including anteaters and various bugs. Activities on the Smart Board enhanced student learning as they were able to manipulate the presented animals and practice putting them in a correct food chain. The students also prepared food chains by cutting out pictures of plants and animals, gluing them to cardstock and then using a paperclip to put them correctly in a food chain. They ended the activity by walking outside to observe bugs eat grass and leaves as well as to feel the warm sun which is the beginning of any food chain.