Pi Day

Bonner Middle School recently celebrated Pi Day! Pi, represented by a special symbol, is the answer when the circumference of a circle is divided by its diameter. Pi Day is celebrated in schools around the country to highlight fun applications of math and science. Students in Ms. Gould and Mrs. Wallace's seventh and eighth grade Academically Gifted classes celebrated Pi Day on March 14. Pi Day, a holiday that pays tribute to the mathematical constant pi, is usually held on March 14 to correspond with the first three digits of pi. The students enjoyed refreshments of cakes, pies, and donuts in keeping with the circular theme.

Mrs. Jennifer Hatch, a sixth grade teacher, integrated the literature story, "Sir Cumference and the Dragon Pi" into her lesson, which led students to use the riddle to discover Pi. Students had to help Radius and Lady Di of Ameter save Sir Cumference. The answer lies in the poem:

Measure the middle and circle around,
Divide so a number can be found.
Every circle, great and small-
The number is the same for all.
It's also the dose, so be clever,
Or a dragon he will stay forever.....

Students used several circular food items such as cookies, doughnuts, fudge rounds, a cake, pies, and pizza to measure the diameter and the circumference of each. Using this information, students discovered the mystery number was 3.14 or 3 and 1/7. They understood that the relationship between any circle's diameter and its circumference will always be Pi. The sixth graders then enjoyed the tastes of their labors by eating all of the circular foods.