Reading Webcast

A very special web cast event took place in the classrooms of Ms. Grantier and Ms. Hincker on Thursday, October 27, 2010. The students in these two classes participated in a web cast featuring Taylor Swift being interviewed by actor/singer Nick Cannon on the importance of reading. This web cast celebrated the 90th Anniversary Global Literacy Campaign, Read Every Day, Lead a Better Life- READ now promotion. Taylor Swift also took questions from the audience after the interview.

Scholastic offers web casts that tie directly into the curriculum. This particular web cast gave students the opportunity to observe students from other schools and areas interviewing celebrities. Students were able to see the interview process in action!

This activity was one of many reading experiences offered for the students. Ms. Graniter and Ms. Hincker both try to involve students in reading as a life-long skill, so they read aloud daily to their students. They involve students in reading with trips to the library, book orders, and oral presentations about books they have personally selected to read.