6th Grade Band Parent Night

     A very special event was held in the O. T. Bonner Middle School Commons on Thursday, October 10th at 6:00 p.m. Sixty band students in the sixth grade program at Bonner performed during Sixth Grade Band Parent Night. The performance featured all of the skills that students have learned so far this year in band class under the direction of Bonner’s Band Director, Ms. Katie Mitchell.

      The student conductor for the evening was Khalil Adkins. Khalil said, “I wasn’t that nervous; everybody thought I would be. I liked it because there were so many people there to watch us and because it was a special night for everybody. We got to show everybody what we could do.” Some students even performed solos: Mikya Logan, Zecarius Menefee, Andrew Ragsdale, and Chris Scott. Chris Scott played Mary had a Little Lamb and said, “I was nervous at first, but it was fun because my parents and my brother and my sister were watching me.”

      Over 150 parents, family members, teachers, and staff attended this event. Mr. Kevin Whitlock, Principal of O. T. Bonner Middle School, stated, “It is amazing to see the progress students make in sixth grade band class in a short time. Many can play complete songs. We are so proud of the work Mrs. Mitchell is doing with the sixth grade band students.”

      The Bonner librarian, Mrs. Laura Sadler, also attended the performance. Mrs. Sadler perfectly summarized the event, “Mrs. Mitchell demonstrated a typical day in sixth grade band class. I thought the sounds coming from their instruments were very professional and melodic. Mrs. Mitchell ensures that the students are responsible for the daily routines that make class run smoothly. The students really enjoy band class, and from this demonstration, the audience can see why.”